Where do leaders go for spiritual renewal so they can attend to God’s intimate workings in their lives and lead joyfully in their communities?

SoulCARE offers pastors and leaders a place where they can tend to the needs of their own souls through a 9-month retreat experience involving guided instruction, time alone with God, and community experiences with other leaders. All designed to cultivate spiritual rhythms that leaders can sustain over time.

Soul Tune Up

“Tune in” to God and “tune up” your spiritual life. 

Every few thousand miles cars go to the mechanics garage for a “tune up”. We need to take breaks on our journey too so that we can “tune in” to God and “tune up” our spiritual health. Our downloadable retreat gives you tools to refresh and welcome God’s presence anew.


Downloadable Retreats

Spend a few hours slowing down, listening and engaging with God personally.

Downloadable retreats offer a resource to enter into conversation with God amidst the chaos and busyness of everyday life. Each downloadable retreat engages a topic with prayer prompts and ideas for personal reflection.

These guides are perfect for individual or small group use.