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Upcoming Events with Chuck DeGroat and WellSpring

– SoulCare Alumni Only –

Registration is now open for our Upcoming SoulCARE Alumni and Spouses Retreat:

February 23-24, 2022

Featuring Chuck DeGroat

Open to all Bay Area Pastors and Nonprofit Leaders

Pastors Breakfast and Discussion with Chuck DeGroat:
Leading with a Whole Heart

When: February 25, 2022, 9-11am
Location: Menlo Church, Menlo Park, CA
Cost: $20

In this challenging season, it’s tempting to choose either “survival mode” or perhaps to look for ways to numb or escape. How can we lead with our whole selves, our whole hearts? How do we lead from a deep connection with God that animates all of who we are? Join us as we welcome Chuck DeGroat, author, seminary professor, pastor and therapist, for breakfast and a discussion of what it looks like to lean into Leading with a Whole Heart.

Last day to register is February 20th.

Through biblically based, historically rooted spiritual practices


helps people rediscover God’s personal, generous love, and the joy-filled, abundant life offered in the Kingdom of God.


Join us for a half day retreat on the Peninsula or in the East Bay. Biblical, experiential, and seasonally themed, these retreats engage practices that will help enliven your life with God.


Join us for thoughtful conversations about our inner life and the care of souls – ours and others.


Designed for individuals or small groups, our downloadable retreats guide you into conversation with God, engaging topics with prayer prompts and ideas for reflection.


Meet with a small community of learners committed to growing and practicing spiritual rhythms together.


Meet individually with a Spiritual Director who will help you learn to notice God's presence in your life.


An intensive individual or small group experience inviting growth in prayer as participants pay attention to ways God is active and present in their lives and in the world around them.

Seasonal Retreats

Biblical and experiential, seasonal retreats correspond with the Church calendar and offer opportunities to rest and simply be with God.

Each half-day retreat offers input on a theme and leads you into ways of engaging with God including directed silence and solitude, guided meditation on scripture, prayer, journaling, worship and other practices to enliven your conversation.


SoulCARE is a 9-month retreat based experience focused on bringing renewal and flourishing to the lives of pastors and nonprofit leaders.

SoulCARE Impact

More than 300 pastors and nonprofit leaders from throughout the Bay Area have participated in SoulCARE.

Leaders thrive when they experience an authentic, connected life with God.

Healthy leaders cultivate healthy churches and ministries that bless their communities.

SoulCARE offers pastors and nonprofit leaders a safe and accessible place– separate from the spaces in which they serve– where they can be honest about the challenges of spiritual leadership as well as the needs of their own souls.

SoulCARE offers a biblical, practical process that helps leaders nurture their life with God and lead in sustainable ways. 

The experience facilitates personal transformation, enabling people to lead effectively, authentically and joyfully in the communities to which they are called.

The heart of SoulCARE is rediscovery of God’s personal and generous love, and the joy-filled and abundant life offered in the kingdom of God.

SoulCARE is offered free of charge for participants as a metaphor for God’s lavish love.

WellSpring SoulCARE Podcast

Join us for thoughtful conversations about our inner life and the care of souls – ours and others.

Portable Retreats

Our Portable Retreats help you create space to be with God and then guide you into conversation you are longing to have.

Designed for individual or small group use, each downloadable retreat engages a topic with prayer prompts and ideas for reflection.

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"I will make rivers flow on barren heights, and springs within the valleys.
I will turn the desert into pools of water and the parched ground into springs."
- Isaiah 41:18