Where do leaders go for spiritual renewal so they can attend to God’s intimate workings in their lives and lead joyfully in their communities?

SoulCARE offers pastors and leaders a place where they can tend to the needs of their own souls through a 9-month retreat experience involving guided instruction, time alone with God, and community experiences with other leaders. All designed to cultivate spiritual rhythms that leaders can sustain over time.

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Lenten Retreat

“Amazing Love! How can it be! That thou my God should die for me.
My chains fell off, my heart was free. I rose, went forth, and followed Thee” ~Charles Wesley, 1738.

Jesus began his earthly ministry proclaiming liberty for the captives and to set free those who are bound. Join us during Holy Week as we explore the amazing love of God that breaks our bondage to sin and in exchange offers us freedom and transforming power through resurrection life.

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Downloadable Retreat for Lent

Lenten Invitations: Responding to the offers of Holy Week

The resurrection of Jesus from the dead on Easter morning is the centerpiece of our Christian faith. But Easter did not happen in isolation. The events of Holy Week set the stage and present us with the invitation to encounter Jesus afresh today. This downloadable retreat offers guided reflection on several invitations that flow from the events of Holy Week and will encourage you to experience Lent and Easter with fresh vitality and meaning.

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