Leading: Why SoulCARE Matters

Pastors and leaders of non-profits have unique needs.

They care for others and yet the demands of their role can easily move them to spiritual, emotional and physical exhaustion. Ministry has a shockingly high burnout rate. 50% of pastors leave ministry within five years. 90% of pastors say they are fatigued and worn out.

Where do leaders go for spiritual renewal so they can attend to God’s intimate workings in their lives and lead joyfully in their communities?

Learn about SoulCARE

for Pastors and Ministry Leaders
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WellSpring Retreats

are also enriching for Ministry Leaders
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WellSpring provides leaders with Biblically-rooted retreat experiences

—apart from the community in which they regularly serve—where leaders can be honest about the challenges of spiritual leadership and tend to the needs of their own souls. Without this, the very passion for God that draws individuals into ministry in the first place may be come buried under the challenges of meeting the expectations and needs of those they serve.