Leading: Retreats for Ministry Leaders

In addition to our SoulCARE cohort, WellSpring offers a variety of retreats to help professional and lay ministry leaders enliven their relationship with God.

We work with a consortium of churches and ministries in the Bay Area to provide settings and facilitators to lead retreats that are helpful to pastors, elder boards, staff, lay leadership teams and spouses. We help each leader develop their unique rhythm for living and leading out of an overflow of their life with God.

Each retreat offers input on a theme and leads participants into ways of engaging with God including directed silence and solitude, guided meditation on scripture, prayer and listening, artistic expression and journaling. We aim for deep impact that transforms the way leaders live and lead.

Advent Retreats for Ministry Leaders


Half-day Advent Retreat

Are you running out of fuel?

Most of us—at some point on our spiritual journey—feel like we’re running out of fuel. Our original flame of love for God, or trust in God, or desire to serve God begins to flicker and threatens to go out entirely. How do we keep the flame alive?

In Jesus’ parable in Matt. 25, he warns us that this is to be expected in our lives with God and urges us to be wise, to be prepared by carrying extra oil for our lamps.

Throughout Scripture, oil is a widely understood symbol for the person and work of the Holy Spirit. What might this mean for us as we pay attention to our flickering flames? Or to the supply of oil needed to keep our lights burning?  How might we tap into the unending supply and power of the Holy Spirit in all the waiting places of our lives?

This mini retreat will offer time, space and resources for accessing that supply of oil so that we might “keep our lamps burning” during this Advent Season and beyond.

December 9 or 11. 9am-noon
Peninsula and East Bay locations

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