Growing: Time Outs and Retreats

Lenten Retreats 2020

Half-day Lenten Retreat

Refocusing our lives… through the lens of Lent, Easter and Pentecost.

“One thing I do know. I was blind, but now I see!” – from John 9

Having given sight to a man who was blind from birth, Jesus declares that opening the eyes of the blind—not only physically, but spiritually—is the very reason he came into the world. The events surrounding Jesus’ arrest, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension reveal the true definition of spiritual blindness. But the transformed lives of the disciples, the apostle Paul, and thousands of new believers reveal the powerful miracle of being given “eyes to see”. This miracle of receiving new sight continues throughout our lives!

This mini retreat will offer time, space and resources for “checking your spiritual eyesight”—to reveal blind spots, to give focus to what seems blurry, to brighten the color in your world, to keep you from focusing only upon what is up close or far away, and to broaden your peripheral vision.

Led by Patti Pierce and Teri O’Neel

9:00 am – 12 Noon
Wednesday, March 25, at CrossWinds Church, Livermore
Thursday, March 26, at The Pavilion at Holbrook Palmer Park, Atherton

These events have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus.