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Transforming Grace

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Make space for a conversation with God about what it might look like for you to live this year Transformed by Grace.

Soul Tune Up Downloadable Retreat

“Tune in” to God and “tune up” your spiritual life.

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New Year’s resolutions are usually focused on an outcome, something we do. They aren’t about being or becoming. That is an inward orientation, something that emanates from us, out of who we are at our core.

Jesus’ invitation to follow him, to be his disciple, isn’t a matter of improving on the shortcomings in our outward presentation; it’s about taking on an entirely new orientation to our very existence, from our very core. It’s about aligning our lives so that increasingly, we take on the character of Christ. It’s a BE, not a DO. Instead of making resolutions to change your behavior (or not) why not make space for a real conversation with God about what it might look like to live this year Transformed by Grace.

This retreat provides guidance for reflecting upon and experiencing anew the work of God’s grace in our lives.

This is a downloadable digital file in PDF format.

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