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Soul Tune Up

A perfectly portable Downloadable Retreat in PDF format.


Every few thousand miles cars go to the mechanics garage for a “tune up”. We need to take breaks on our journey too so that we can “tune in” to God and “tune up” our spiritual health. Our downloadable retreat gives you tools to refresh and welcome God’s presence anew.

Soul Tune Up Downloadable Retreat

“Tune in” to God and “tune up” your spiritual life.

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Every few thousand miles, cars go to the mechanic’s garage for a “tune up”. Often, this requires interrupting one’s busy schedule and putting the car in the hands of someone who can make the necessary diagnosis and changes. No wonder maintenance is deferred! The same is true spiritually. It takes effort to create time and space for rest, prayer and real conversation with God about the wear and tear that we experience on our own journey. The “Soul Tune Up” downloadable retreat will provide you with tools to help you enter this season feeling refreshed and ready to welcome God’s presence anew. When we are in tune with God, we experience a deeper and lasting endurance.

*Photo from Eric Gustafson

This is a downloadable digital file in PDF format.

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