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RE (Again)… a Preface for Lenten Practices

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This downloadable retreat will offer you guidance as you journey with Jesus through this Lenten season. Prepare your heart to respond to Christ’s amazing love for you expressed through his suffering, crucifixion, death…and ultimately his resurrection.

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The prefix, RE, means “again”. As we enter again into the Lenten season, we are invited to REMEMBER what Christ did for each of us. Journeying with Jesus in his suffering reminds us of the depth of his love for us and allows us to open our hearts to him in RESPONSE. RECOLLECTING the events of Christ’s suffering, crucifixion and burial–prepare us for the gifts of Easter.

This downloadable retreat is a unique and powerful way for you to enter into the Lenten season and the joy of Easter. As you think and prepare for taking this time of retreat, we encourage you to consider seeking out a locale that has the Stations of the Cross available for you to walk through. If that is not possible for you, there is an attachment to this retreat that outlines those Stations for you.

In addition, we invite you to take individual Communion during your retreat. As you prepare, do not forget to take bread and wine (or grape juice) with you.

This is a downloadable digital file in PDF format.

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